Back Surgery Options – 5 Reasons Why Back Surgery Should Not Be An Option

So You’ve Been Told You Need Back Surgery? Think Again.

Many suffering from back pain resort to taking pain medication, which in time gives them a false sense of wellness. Others who may be suffering from more pain and discomfort see a back specialist, and sadly get brushed off quickly and told they need back surgery.

While the solution seems simple enough in theory, in reality back surgery is very complicated and dangerous. Here are 5 reasons why back surgery should be avoided as much as possible, unless it’s the only solution left.

1- Recovery takes months
Back surgery itself may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, with patients allowed to leave the hospital the same day or a day or two after the procedure, depending on complexity. But while this seems convenient to most, what patients may not be aware of is the time it takes to actually recover from the surgery. Recovery times can range anywhere from 2 to 10 months based number of complications, how the body responds to the surgery and the patient’s physical and mental strength.

2- Complications, complications and more complications
According to most sources, complications are very common. From infections, nerve damage and additional pain, to less common but realistic issues such as heart attack, stroke and sexual dysfunction. No surgery can be good, especially one that has to do with the spine. The spine and nervous system control everything in the body, so it is not that farfetched for even the smallest error to cause enormous havoc on the entire body.

3- A 50/50 shot at getting better
Even though patients go under the knife with the notion that they’ll feel 100% better, the truth is that recovery chances are 50/50 at best. In other words, the patient may or may not get better, and the pain could actually get worse. This is because so much depends on variables outside the control of the back specialist. While he or she may do an amazingly clean and precise job, the body can react adversely to surgery as it often does, making what seemed like a flawless and typical surgery into the next chapter of back pain.

4- Surgery comes with a cost
Insurance most probably covers the surgery if deemed absolutely necessary, but what if they only cover portions of it? Back surgery can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $90,000 depending on what needs to be done. In most cases, insurance covers 80% of the total bill while the patient is left paying the rest. Aside from the price tag, however, other costs must be considered. With recovery times well into months, patients are unable to work and suffer financially as a result. Add the cost of seeing additional specialists for complications, medication, and even more surgeries in case the pain is still prevalent, you can see why surgeries end up costing double what the patient was originally quoted.

5- There is a better solution
If patients knew they could avoid invasive back surgery altogether and never experience the pain and complications that come with it, they would most probably choose not to go under the knife. Western medicine is structured around reacting to symptoms through chemicals or surgery, which in many cases is the only solution. However in cases where the body’s musculoskeletal structure has been neglected, where a spinal misalignment as a result of accident, poor posture or injury is causing the back pain, then no surgery will be needed. Instead, a custom treatment plan created by an expert chiropractor can easily realign the spine back to its normal curvature, eliminating any nerve blockages which leads to full pain relief. No knives, no pain medication, no side effects.

So if you have been told you need back surgery to help eliminate or reduce you back pain, please consider seeing a CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) chiropractor. CBP is the most advanced, complete, researched and result oriented chiropractic technique in the world, which is geared to eliminate back pain by addressing the root cause of the pain.

Dr. Justin Favreau of Stability Spine and Wellness in Seattle is one of a handful of CBP chiropractors in the area, and is offering free consultation to back pain suffers who demand a better solution to their suffering.

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