Chiropractic Care Can Help You Recover Quickly from Sports Injury

Can Chiropractic Care Help Athletes Recover Quickly from Sports Injury? The Answer Will Surprise You.

Sports Injury Seattle - Can Chiropractic Care Help?Sports injuries are very common among athletes of all levels, from the weekend biker to the highly paid professional athletes who are always surrounded with medical staff and trainers. It is common for some athletes to go through various training regiments, warm-up exercises and strength training for this very reason – to build strength, and in doing so, avoid sports injuries altogether as much as possible.

Despite all this rigorous preparation and hard work, injuries do happen, and when they do, the attention of any athlete quickly turns to recovery and getting back on the court or field again. Think about it, athletes are highly competitive by nature so sitting on the sidelines waiting to heal is pure torture. So how can athletes reduce this waiting time and get back to competition faster? What course of treatment is best to deal with sports injuries?

Unfortunately, despite all the progress and cutting-edge advancements made in the realm of chiropractic, it is one the most overlooked, yet most effective approaches for sports injury recovery. Sure, no treatment short of bone fusion can heal a broken bone quickly enough for the next game, but for sports injuries such as sprains, dislocations and pain as a result of misalignments, chiropractic care can be the secret every athlete wants to hide from their competitors.

World class NFL football players such as Jerry Rice, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Terrell Owens are among a handful of elite NFL superstars who trust and believe in chiropractic care to not just maintain and correct their postures, improve strength, increase range of motion and promote mobility, but assist with sports injury recovery expeditiously so that they can get back in the game and compete at a high level.

Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP is now among the most popular chiropractic protocols in the realm of sports injury recovery as it is by far the most advanced, researched and result oriented approach. This method emphasizes on correcting and strengthening the athlete’s spines and joints systematically and methodically, and in doing so, promoting normal nerve flow throughout the body. Nerve flow not only helps to diminish pain and discomfort, but is essential in promoting mobility, flexibility, strength, and overall health and wellness.

If you have experienced any type of sports injury, or been suffering from nagging pain as a result of a previous accident, perhaps trying CBP would be the best course of action in recovering fully from your injuries, and in the process, revitalizing your body and nervous system to increase performance.

In the past, some trainers and medical experts have argued that muscle strength, exercises and mental toughness is enough to overcome injury, but the reality is that nerves control every cell in our bodies, and without proper nerve flow reaching the affected areas, recovery and strength are more difficult to attain in a short timespan. Research also supports what millions have experienced; chiropractic care is a powerful approach that can give athletes a competitive advantage by unlocking the body’s full array of resources.

All the NFL players listed above have made regular chiropractic care a part of their training regiment, knowing full well that a healthy spine can help them outperform their competitors, while helping them live a healthier and longer life free of disease, pain and organ dysfunction.

Downtown Seattle chiropractor and CBP expert Dr. Justin Favreau has been helping athletes overcome sports injury for years, working with some of the greatest names both on the professional level and college level and can help you too. Contact the Stability Health Center today for a free consultation and to learn more about Chiropractic BioPhysics.