Chiropractic for Kids: Why Is It Important?

Chiropractic for Kids: Why is it Important to Have Your Children See a Chiropractor Regularly?

Many parents in Seattle may not even think twice about taking their young children to see a chiropractor unless they have been involved in an accident, or suffer from a deformity such as scoliosis. After all, children seem relatively healthier than adults, and their bodies don’t really go through as much physical stress as their grownup counterparts. So why should they seek chiropractic care when they’re much better off than their parents?

We tend to think that our kids are somewhat sheltered from physical hardships that cause spinal misalignments and postural damage, but that is just not true.

Sure, kids don’t carry heavy grocery bags, change a flat tire or get stuck helping friends move, but they actually go through quite a bit of physical trauma just by being kids. Imagine carrying a heavy back pack filled with books every day to school, then be subject to the wonderful mishaps of the playground day in and day out. Before you know it, all these variables and stresses begin to wreak havoc on their frail little bodies, causing misalignments of the spine. If left untreated, these minor issues almost always blossom into much more serious matters, including not just chronic pain but organ dysfunction, compromised immune systems and depression.

Chiropractic care knows no age limits, only unhealthy subjects as a result of misaligned spines. By taking your kids to see a chiropractor regularly, parents can be certain that their kids’ spines are in good health, and that any minor misalignments are caught early enough to be treated quickly without manifesting in other more serious ways.

At Stability Health Center in downtown Seattle we see dozens of kids each month and would urge all parents to consider regular chiropractic care and maintenance for their bundles of joy as well. It’s sometimes difficult to think of our kids needing chiropractic care, but the astonishing numbers reveal just how serious this problem really is.

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