Game Plan to Live a Long and Healthy Life – Seattle Chiropractor

Of course we all want to live long and healthy lives, but what are we doing to ensure that? Seattle chiropractor and wellness expert has a game plan for you.

Game Plan for Living a Healthy and Long Life - Seattle Chiropractor

Seattle, Washington — With so many diseases, medical conditions and mishaps waiting to derail our otherwise happy lives, what are we doing to proactively fend off illness before it happens? Sure, exercise and diet play a huge role in overall wellness, but what else can we do to help our bodies stay resilient and strong, ready to take on any medical challenge that may come up?

Unfortunately, in most western countries, with the technological advances in medicine, many have developed a false sense of hope in medication. We have been trained to fight the symptoms of illness instead of taking steps not to get ill in the first place. Instead of going on a strict diet and exercise regimen, we depend on liposuction, gimmicky diet pills, or other quick procedures to lose weight. Instead of boosting our immune systems through natural and healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals, we opt for artificial vitamin drinks or drugstore flu-shots, thinking we’re now safe against catching a cold.

The reality is that there are no magic pills that can help cure you of anything. Instead, you have to count on your body to fend off disease. But how can your body do its job when nutrition may be poor, or there are other more serious hindrances that prohibit it form functioning the way it should?

Everything in our body is controlled by the nervous system. From hormones, immune system function, movement and thoughts, to how cells grow and function, absolutely everything needs nerve flow energy to work correctly. Hinder nerve flow for only a few moments and the results can be catastrophic; organs will begin to fail, we start to lose our senses, bodily functions go into a frenzy, and soon the entire body begins to shut down.

So what causes the nervous system to start acting up? Simple. Nerve flow interference caused by damage to the spine such as spinal misalignment as a result of poor posture, age, accident or injury.

Studies prove that people who maintain the health of their spines are significantly less likely to get sick. This is in line with the chiropractic philosophy that wellness and spinal health are directly related, whereas unobstructed nerve flow allows the body to heal itself, regulate organ function and encourage longevity without the need of medication or drugs.

By correcting postural issues, addressing minor misalignments and getting adjusted frequently, patients can be sure that their spines are healthy, which allows the nervous system to work optimally in boosting the immune system, fighting illness and ensuring all organs are working perfectly.

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about spinal health, or want to get started on a proactive wellness program, please contact one of Seattle’s most experienced and advanced chiropractors, Dr. Justin Favreau of Stability Health Center.