Getting Healthy in 2016 – Seattle Chiropractor Shares Some Health Tips

Are you committed to making this year a much healthier one? Check out these health tips from Stability Heath Center aimed to make you feel your best

Getting Healthy in 2016 - Seattle Chiropractor Shares Some Health TipsSeattle, Washington — Now that the new year’s here, are you committed to making 2016 the year you get fit and healthy? Here are some tips from chiropractor Dr. Justin Favreau at Stability Health Center in downtown Seattle.

  1. Pay attention to your posture.
    • Don’t crane your head or neck forward while working at your desk. That can flatten your normal neck curve, potentially leading to degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease, or osteoarthritis.
    • Don’t carry a heavy purse, briefcase or computer bag over one shoulder. Instead, place the strap over your head on the side opposite the bag, so the weight isn’t only on one side. That can lead to shoulder and back pain.
    • Don’t let your kids leave the house with backpacks that weigh more than 10 percent of their body weight. Heavier backpacks can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as postural problems
  2. Make sure you exercise at least 30 minutes a day (even if it’s in 10-minute increments). Choose whatever works for you, whether it’s a daily stroll, biking to work, walking the dog or playing tag with the kids. Aside from the usual health benefits, it will keep your spine healthy, too.  Pay some attention to your core, too. A strong core provides balance and stability, and can be a key factor in relieving back pain.
  3. Stay hydrated. You’ve heard it again and again – drink half your weight in water every day. It’s good advice, for a variety of reasons. You need a steady supply of water for your skin, blood, muscles and intervertebral discs. Your discs, in particular, absorb a lot of water. If they don’t get enough, they can shrink over time.
  4. Stressed? Don’t sit on the couch and eat everything in sight. Try meditating, walking or taking breaks throughout the day. Less stress means a healthier immune system.
  5. Laugh more often. It’s another form of stress relief. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter stimulates the heart, muscles, and lungs, and also releases endorphins, which can boost your positivity.
  6. Set up a regular schedule with a chiropractor. Chiropractors are experts on the spine, which houses and protects the body’s nervous system. Sometimes portions of the bone shift out of place. Like a hose with a kink in it, the misaligned bones interfere with the nervous system’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body. Chiropractors can adjust the misaligned bones, allowing your body to work at peak efficiency.

If you live in Seattle, consider a visit to Dr. Justin Favreau at Stability Health Center in downtown Seattle. Dr. Favreau is trained in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), which differs from other chiropractic techniques by going beyond immediate pain relief. CBP corrects and restores your spine back to alignment, through adjustment, exercise and “spinal remodeling.”

Dr. Justin Favreau is one of a small percentage of dedicated and highly educated chiropractors certified to practice CBP. If you live in Seattle and want to find out whether you’re a candidate for Chiropractic BioPhysics, please make an appointment at Stability Health Center for a free initial consultation.