Is Your Pediatrician Giving You Wrong Information About Kids Allergies?

“I love my kids, and of course I thought I was doing the right thing following my pediatrician’s recommendations. I wish I had done my homework before wasting so much time and money on the wrong treatment.”

Is Your Pediatrician Giving Your Wrong Information About Kids Allergies?

All parents want the very best for their children, including of course, great health and well-being. It is for this reason that many parents take their kids to pediatricians for checkups, or when they’re ill, hoping the doctor’s recommendations and course of treatment will translate into complete wellness for their kids.

While pediatricians are amazing at understanding many concerns and diseases that afflict kids, they may unknowingly be giving you the wrong information in one major aspect of kids’ health.

Allergies and asthma are a huge new reality facing kids, with allergies alone afflicting 40% of all children in the United States — this according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation ( Asthma, on the other hand is now the fifth leading chronic disease in the U.S., fast moving up in numbers and predicted to become the third chronic disease in the next 20 years.

So what are pediatricians doing to help kids overcome allergies and asthma? Unfortunately nothing. By prescribing antihistamines and inhalers, the medical profession is only fighting the symptoms as opposed to addressing the root cause of these respiratory conditions. So the next time you take in your kids for asthma and allergies, know that the answer to their long-term health and wellness is not a simple pill or an inhaler, but a much more sophisticated and in-depth approach to correcting the root cause of respiratory illness.

Corrective chiropractic care has been proven to eliminate the source of allergies and asthma in kids. By correcting the spine’s kinks and misalignments which kids can easily get through playing, falling down or just being active, the spine can again function correctly, delivering vital nerve flow energy to all part of the body and critical organs, allowing them to function property versus improperly. Soon after corrective care, many kids stop sneezing, their noses stop running, and they no longer need an inhaler to breathe properly.

If you or a loved on is curious about the power of corrective chiropractic care, please contact Stability Health Center to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Justin Favreau. As one of Seattle’s few chiropractors certified in CBP or Chiropractic BioPhysics, Dr. Favreau can help your kids live a normal life once again, free of allergies and asthma. Of course he can help mommies and daddies, too!