Seattle Chiropractor – Baffling Symptoms That Only A Chiropractor Was Able to Address

“I Knew Something Was Seriously Wrong With Me, But No One Could Tell Me What It Was… I Was Giving Up Hope Quickly”

Chiropractic and the FluSeattle, Washington — For months, Seattle resident and freelance artist Andrea Z was struggling with what she describes as a sudden feeling of ‘doom’ which would lead to severe panic and a feeling of helplessness. After seeing 6 doctors to help pinpoint her mysterious symptoms, she was left with more questions than answers.

“I led a normal life, I ate well, exercised regularly, and did all the right things, but then about a year ago these attacks started” recalled Andrea, who just turned 35. “The best I can describe it is a feeling of doom; an uncomfortable and sudden feeling of severe disconnection with the world around me, with my body and with my thoughts. These attacks would quickly lead to panic and a sense of everything coming to an end… it was quite frightening and concerning to say the least.”

Many tests performed by doctors on her blood, heart function, and even brain function turned up nothing out of the ordinary, leaving Andrea and her family even more concerned for her well-being. “Sure, I was glad that nothing too obvious was wrong, but at the same time I was terrified because my bouts with these attacks continued and it seemed like no one knew what was causing them.”

A friend told Andrea to visit a local chiropractor in downtown Seattle. Having exhausted all options, she decided to see Dr. Favreau at Stability Health Center and see if she could pick his brain on what could possibly be causing these weird feelings she was experiencing.

“I knew immediately that whatever was causing these attacks was most likely neurological, and so decided to exam her further to better understand the health of her spine” explained Dr. Justin Favreau, clinical director and lead chiropractor at Stability Health Center. “We determined that she had some minor spinal misalignments, most probably from poor posture, and that was enough for me to recommend spinal correction through our unique and highly effective protocol – Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP.”

While at first Andrea was hesitant about the effectiveness of advanced chiropractic care to address her condition, much to her delight, after several weeks of treatment she recalls having no recollection of having another bout with these attacks. “I was literally having two or three of these things a week… at work, in the car, at home, even when I was halfway asleep… but I honestly can’t remember any more since coming here for chiropractic care.”

Dr. Favreau explains that even the slightest misalignments due to accident, fall, or posture is enough to put pressure on the very sensitive and vital nerves that flow out of the spine, controlling every movement, action and function of the body. When pressure is taken off of these nerves though chiropractic adjustments, traction and decompression, nerve flow returns to normal, and many such nerve related pain, discomfort and symptoms go away.

“I never believed that chiropractic care could have such a tremendous impact on my health, but I’m glad I came in when I did because my life is now normal again… actually much better than normal” said Andrea, adding “I urge everyone to take their spinal healths seriously because so many of these weird pains and mysterious symptoms are definitely caused by spinal issues.”

If you or someone you know may be suffering from such symptoms, please consider corrective chiropractic care. The consultation at Stability Health Center is free, and it can help you realize just how important a healthy spine is to living a healthy life. Call today for an appointment.