Seattle Chiropractor | Can Chiropractic Care Help with Pregnancy?

pregnancyMany soon-to-be moms wonder whether or not seeing a chiropractor is wise during pregnancy, and may veer away from seeing one altogether thinking it may not be beneficial given their delicate state. However, experts agree that not only is chiropractic care safe, but it helps expecting mothers eliminate pain and discomfort, as well as assist with the delivery of their baby.

A pregnant woman will naturally get larger as weeks pass by, causing significant stress to her organs, bones and joints. As her weight increases in the front, she will begin to compensate for her misalignment by leaning back, exerting even more pressure on her back, hips and legs.

Such pressure can cause many neurological conditions. These include Bell’s palsy, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, coccydynia (coccyx pain), sciatic neuralgia (pain in the pelvic region that radiates down the leg), brachial neuralgia (numbness and tingling of the shoulder, arm and hands), meralgia paresthetica (pain and numbness of the outside upper leg), and intercostal neuralgia (pain between ribs). If the bones of the pelvis become misaligned, this can cause restriction within the uterus affecting the baby’s ability to move thus leading to a breech presentation.

For expecting mothers, consistent chiropractic care ensures that misalignments of the spine are corrected, allowing proper nerve flow to all the organs and tissues and minimizing discomfort while allowing the baby to develop in an optimal environment.

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