Seattle Chiropractor: Is Back Surgery a Real Option?

Has Your Doctor Told You You Need Back Surgery, and That Back Surgery is Your Only Option? You Better Think Again.

Chiropractic Care and Back SurgerySeattle Chiropractor: Is Back Surgery a Real Option?

We see quite a number of back pain patients who have seen a medical doctor, spine specialist and spine surgeon before coming to our downtown Seattle chiropractic office. Most have been told that back surgery is the only option available to them, and the only reason they’ve decided to see a chiropractor is in hopes of being told otherwise.

The good news is that back surgery is often not necessary. As a matter of fact, the latest studies put the number of unnecessary back surgeries at 90%. This means 9 out of 10 back pain sufferers are going under the knife and expense without real hope for true recovery and lasting pain relief.

As one the most respected and advanced chiropractic offices in Seattle, the Stability Health Center is committed to healing our patients utilizing a more holistic and natural approach. We understand that the cause of almost all back pain is spinal misalignment, and are confident that we can help correct such misalignments without drugs, back surgery or other invasive procedures, leading to complete and permanent back pain relief.

We specialize in a very advanced, highly researched and result-oriented chiropractic technique called CBP or Chiropractic BioPhysics. This approach requires tremendous know-how and training, hence only a small handful of chiropractors in Seattle are qualified to practice CBP. Dr. Justin Favreau happens to be one of a few such physicians in Seattle, providing exceptional chiropractic care to patients who are suffering from mild to severe back pain, and are looking to avoid back surgery.

Whether your back pain is a direct result of poor posture, car accident, workplace injury, sports injury or even skeletal deformities, the Stability Health Center can help. Dr. Favreau and his team have helped hundreds avoid back surgery with exceptional results, giving them their health and vitality back at a fraction of the cost of conventional back surgery. Plus, because of the nature of the treatment, patients experience no side-effects or pain, just a gradual, calculated and effective approach to pain elimination.

Call the Stability Health Center today and schedule a no-obligation, free consultation with Dr. Favreau to learn more about how CBP can help eliminate your back pain for good, giving you your mobility back. Our office is located in downtown Seattle, near South Lake Union and Queen Anne.