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footballMany NFL football players count on chiropractic care as part of their conditioning regiment before, during and after a grueling season not just to assist with recovering from injury, but as a preventative measure to stay healthy, stronger and more competitive.

Today, all 32 NFL teams including the Seattle Seahawks have chiropractors on staff, and while this trend took a while to catch on throughout the league players agree that staying fit requires more than hitting the weight room, eating well or spending time on the practice field. A major part of maintaining good health and maximizing their athletic potential consists of keeping their spine in optimal condition.

Ex-NFL great and Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, who won three super bowl rings with the San Francisco 49ers and finished his career here in Seattle with the Seahawks, admits that chiropractic care has been one of his secrets to a long and successful career. Making him one of the most durable and feared wide receivers in NFL history.

Unlike some former NFL players who continue battling pain years after their careers have ended, Jerry Rice continues to enjoy an energetic and pain-free life which he credits to regular chiropractic care during and after his football career.

Chiropractic care isn’t just limited to great NFL players. As an athlete playing any sport at any level, you can be certain that chiropractic care can do more than just accelerate the healing time of your injuries. Regular maintenance increases your energy, endurance and overall well-being, allowing you to compete more effectively.

If you are an athlete or know someone that may benefit from regular chiropractic care as it relates to athletic performance, consider calling one of Seattle’s most trusted and respected chiropractors Dr. Justin Favreau for a free consultation.

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