How To Dress For Your First Chiropractor Appointment

how to dress for a chiropractor's appointment

When it comes to preparing for a first visit to the chiropractor’s office, most people are so worried about their tension and pain, they don’t stop to think about what to wear. It’s completely natural to wear jeans and a button-down or t-shirt for most doctors’ appointments. But because chiropractors will typically need to examine your spine and back during the first appointment, Seattle chiropractor Dr. Justin Favreau of Stability Health Center has an easy guide to prepare you.

Clothes Concern

There are many circumstances that cause you to visit a chiropractor. Chronic back pain is the most common reason for a visit but there are other back related injuries that could be treated by a chiropractor, such as headaches. But the source of those headaches could be deeper in the back, so chiropractors may need to treat areas below the neck. Also, you may not like wearing drafty gowns or borrowed plastic garments. If you don’t wear the right clothes to your first chiropractor visit, you may have to use what they provide.

Loose Without Layers

When you are preparing for your first appointment, you will usually find that there is no tailored “dress code”. Dr. Favreau recommends loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. Also, the fewer the layers you wear, the better. If it is cold outside, try wearing a heavy coat over a single shirt or top so you aren’t covering your back with layers of shirts. Sometimes people are only available to visit a chiropractor during work hours and if that’s the case, prepare a change of clothes for your visit so that you can return to work in the proper attire.

Workout Wear

If your appointment involves more movement, such as standing exercises, then it is suggested you wear workout clothes so your doctor can easily examine your spine while you do physical activities. Many doctors will ask you to touch your toes, raise your knees, jog in place or the like if your back injury isn’t serious and you need further examinations to determine the root of the problem.

Specialized Treatment

While the clothing prepares you for the visit, ensure that you see the most knowledgeable chiropractic team to begin your path to healing. Seattle chiropractor and clinical director Dr. Justin Favreau of Stability Health Center specializes in a unique and highly advanced chiropractic technique that very few doctors are trained in – Chiropractic BioPhysics (CPB). This practice is noninvasive and combines biology, physiology, physics and anatomy to identify the causes of your pain and discomfort. Once the source is identified, Dr. Favreau will create a carefully planned series of adjustments, exercises and a spinal remodeling program to put you on a pain-free road to better health.

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