Why Should You See an Auto Accident Chiropractor Even if You Don’t Feel Pain?

Have You Been Hurt in an Automobile Accident and Looking for the Most Advanced Auto Accident Chiropractor to Help You Recover from Back Pain, Neck Pain or Migraines?

Seattle, Washington – Many auto accident victims may not realize this, but no matter how insignificant you think an accident is, or how unimportant your neck pain or headaches may be as a result of the incident, spinal damage most likely has occurred. This is because the spine is very vulnerable where even the slightest jolts can cause the spine to become misaligned.

A misaligned spine can lead to immediate neck pain, back pain and trigger headaches, but more often, such pain begins to manifest several hours, days or even weeks after the incident. This means a car accident victim may have been hurt but won’t know it until they begin to feel pain and discomfort once the initial shock of the accident has passed and the body begins to respond to the misalignment.

Spinal misalignments should not be taken lightly. Some patients opt to take painkillers, allowing them to move without feeling discomfort just enough to get through the day, then reload on painkillers again for the next day. This cycle of taking painkillers will not result in healing the spine, but conversely can damage the spine since the absence of pain can trick the accident victim into thinking their condition has gotten better, and as a result, participating in activity that can further cause damage to this sensitive area.

No car accident should be taken lightly, and victims are urged to seek chiropractic help immediately following the accident. Through x-rays and a complete examination of the spine and other joints, an expert auto accident chiropractor can determine the severity of your injuries, and develop a custom course of treatment to rehabilitate the spine back to its normal curvature. This process will eliminate any pain associated with the misalignment and help the body’s overall wellness by allowing nerve flow energy to once again flow freely between the spine and critical organs.

With years of experience in helping auto accident victims, the Stability Health Center in downtown Seattle is among only a few facilities that practices the Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP protocol. This revolutionary and highly advanced chiropractic technique is world-renowned for thoroughly addressing the root cause of back pain, neck pain and migraines caused by spinal misalignments, and methodically correcting the spine back to health.

So if you or someone you love has been involved in a minor or major auto accident, please have them contact us for a free consultation. Knowing whether or not your spine has been misaligned is key to getting it corrected right away before it leads to pain, discomfort, organ dysfunction and diminished quality of life.